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Utilities of GPTV Token

The $GPTV token will have a couple main utilities within the platform:

Governance and Voting: Holders will be able to participate in DAO Proposal votes which will be on the future decisions of the platform and which developers and tech to integrate or provide a grant and make eligible for the NFT Launchpad raise. This ensures that the GptVerse community has a voice in shaping the future direction of the project.

Staking: Holders will be able to stake their $GPTV Tokens to get a return apr. Additionally stakers will receive a multiplier on their staked $GPTV tokens voting power for DAO Proposals.

Access to Premium Features: GPTV tokens can grant users access to premium features and services within the GPTVerse ecosystem. These features may include early or advanced AI tools, enhanced content creation capabilities, or exclusive educational content.

Fee Discount: Users who purchase subscriptions using the $GPTV will receive a discount on the total amount paid, Additionally $GPTV Paid for NFT Launchpad raises will also have a smaller Fee.

Marketplace Transactions: GPTV tokens can be used for transactions on the GPTVerse marketplace. Users can buy and sell AI products, training courses, digital assets or other goods and services as NFTs at a discount using GPTV tokens. Thus, they can generate revenue in an seamless and decentralized marketplace.

Liquidity Provision: GPTV token holders can provide liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or liquidity pools within the GPTVerse ecosystem, earning fees and rewards in return for their participation in maintaining liquidity and stability in the marketplace.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: GPTV tokens are designed to be cross-chain compatible, allowing users to transact and transfer value across multiple blockchain networks. This utility ensures that GPTV token holders can access a broader range of decentralized applications, services, and liquidity pools beyond a single blockchain ecosystem.

More information on the Tokenomics, and token utility and economy in the following Economy Design Document [ link ]

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